Happy New Year!


I am obviously still trying to figure out this sophisticated level of blogging.

The end of 2013 was crazy busy for me, I had lots of shoots and two weddings, needless to say my website fell to the wayside and still has yet to be resurrected. I am determined to make it happen though!

Ugh, I remember back in the days of Myspace, I was REALLY good with html codes, but now its like trying to read gibberish backwards haha.

I am looking forward to really focusing on building my photography business this year, rebranding, getting my name out there, and working on my photographic style and goals. Here is a hint of the goodness to come this year. . .

Imagei am also really excited to share the two weddings i’m working on! I love weddings and newborns more than anything. I hope to catch on to the whole website and word press thing, I actually wish that that was handled by someone else, but I’m not there quite yet haha. 

I will be, everybody has to start somewhere, it is so exciting to finally be happy with my work and feel like I am growing, and proud of where i’m headed.  I want to be able to find a balance between doing this and building this company while maintaining my day job.

I can feel big changes on the horizon, bring it on 2014.

This is my year 🙂