Rose’ Floats

Are you as last minute as I am?

The answer is probably so, if you are reading this instead of decorating firework cake balls or marinating a rack or ribs or cutting stars out of pie crusts like the rest of America’s housewives. I’m not going to lie, when I was a wife, I was pretty much enslaved to Pinterest’s mighty DIY powers. I used to make some dank cake balls and turquoise colored punch for this particular holiday. My ex did not allow drinking alcohol at all. . . like, I know, how did this lush end up with such a stick in the mud?!

Oh to be young and DUMB (never) again!

So anyway, if you’ve run out of ideas for what to contribute to the festivities, may I suggest. . . Find your favorite bottle of Rose’ (my fav = this, if you’re broke though this will work too) + a quart of Raspberry (or whatever berry flavor tickles your fancy) Sorbet.

Easy peasy right?


I originally saw this idea HERE and figured that those that haunt this corner of the inter-webs deserved to be in the know!

You’re welcome!


Happy Fourth Of July, please party responsibly (Uber exists) and most importantly ‘make murica great again!’